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Payroll software, process your payroll easily  
payroll management software can help you to process your payroll easily and automatically generate all the reports 
One of the integral parts of Humen Resource is Payroll. Timely and accurate salary and wages calculation coupled with Statutory Compliance is automatically expected. The task of payroll becomes complicated in today's industries due to multiple statutory requirements, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs and formulas and other HR policies.  
Our Payroll Software make this complicated function look much easier. The payroll software is user-friendly, with user-definable preferences like Salary Heads and Salary structures, huge library of periodical statutory reports required under PF & ESI, TDS Law, Advance Register, Leave Register, flexible reporting and many . 
This is a known better solution for Indian Payroll, where the payroll software suits salary processing, time attendance interface, Excel interface, HR [Human Resource] management, and many more... Now everything what you need in a Salary Software is available in a single place with finger tip access.  
We provide all the payroll solutions whether you need multiple structures or customized reporting, our aim is to deliver low cost customized solutions to our clients. 
Our use of technology makes it possible to provide payroll software solution for your requirement, whether in different reporting methodologies or in scalable back-ends [databases] such as MS-Access, Oracle, MS-SQL or MySQL! We offer what you require...  
Our experienced team includes High skilled project managers, Quality control personnel, Technical engineers, Domain Experts, Payroll Processors/Professors and highly qualified Testing and implementation team.  
We offer unique production capabilities to implement payroll software on time and to budget and provide comprehensive product control for client's requirement and expert technical skills to provide quality HR-Salary or payroll solution at minimal cost. 
Salient Features of our payroll software  
Flexible salary definition with formula/ slab etc., 
Integration with Attendance Monitoring Systems 
Data Importing & Interface with Excel for Import & Export of Various Data 
Customization facility of Reports & Salary Heads to suit the needs 
Capable of handling of ESI, PF & PT processing/Reporting 
Flexible definition of working days/holidays depending on leave groups 
Complete leave management 
HR details management 
TDS Computation, eTDS Generation & Printing of TDS certificates and Returns 
Exporting Salary details to Accounting Software 
Network Compatible Client Server Architecture with optional backend, available with MS SQL/My SQL/ MS Access etc 
Payroll Software - Monthly reports
  Salary Sheet 
  Pay Slip 
  Bank Statement 
  Attended Days report 
  Salary Abstract 
  Over Time Report 
  Hold Salary Report 
  Variance report 
  Additional Payments/Deductions report 
  Component Details 
  Voucher printing 
Payroll Software - PF/ESI Reports 
  Monthly PF 
  PF Challan 
  Monthly ESI 
  ESI Challan 
Payroll Software - Additional Reports  
  Advance details 
  Salary Certificate 
  Open Salary Report 
  Date of Birth Report 
  Date of Joining 
  Contact, Label Printing 
  HR Details 
  Employee Profile 
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